Weatherization Tips of the Month for April


Turn the water heater thermostat down to 125 degrees F
This saves energy and prevents minor burns.  However, if your dishwasher doesn't have a booster heater, you should leave it set to 140 degrees.

Buy the right size water heater
The water heater is the second largest energy user in the home, so it shouldn't be larger than required for your household needs.  Also consider switching to a tankless water heater, which can save 10% to 15% on energy costs.

Install low-flow faucet aerators
They will reduce the amount of water released.

Repair leaky water faucets
Thirty drops a minute can waste up to 50 gallons a month.

Use your dishwasher's energy-saving settings
Use the light wash setting to save water, and use the no-heat drying feature to save energy.

Decrease water use in faucets or appliances that use hot water
When you use water, you pay for both the water and the energy to heat it.  Cutting back on your water use means big savings.