Weatherization Tips of the Month for June


Keeping Cool With Air Conditioning

Buy an ENERGY STAR qualified air conditioner.
Replacing a 10-year-old window air conditioner with an ENERGY STAR-qualified model can cut energy bills by an average of $14 a year.  Have an air conditioning technician or energy auditor determine which unit is the right size for your space, especially if you are replacing a central air conditioning unit.

Check with a professional to see if a programmable thermostat is right for you.
These thermostats can be programmed to automatically control cooling when you are not at home and overnight when you are asleep.

Set the thermostat at 78 degrees or higher if you use ceiling fans.
You can save 3% to 5% on your air conditioning costs fo reach degree you raise the thermostat in the summer.

Keep filters clean
Check furnace and air conditioner filters monthly, or as recommended by the manufacturer.  Clean or replace them as needed.

Use the auto fan setting.

Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning

Use fans
You can use circulating fans near open windows at night to help rid the house of daytime heat.  Ceiling fans make you feel about 4 degrees cooler than the actual temperature by moving air across your skin - but they do not lower the actual temperature of the room.  Be sure to turn ceiling fans off when you leave a room.

Close windows and shades during the day.
At night, open windows opposite one another for cross-ventilation.