Child care is everybody's business

Child care is not only a partnership between the parent/parents and the child care provider, it is a partnership with the State. The State, through the Department of Public Welfare (DPW), regulates child care facilities by conducting licensing inspections, makes spot checks, and follows up on complaints.

Parents making daily visits to their day care provide valuable information to help the State better monitor child day care facilities.

Child care facilities should provide an atmosphere conducive to children's growth and development. Parents are responsible for selecting programs that meet their children's needs.

Together the child care facility and the parents can ensure a bright future for their children.

What is subsidized child care?

Subsidized child care funding is provided by the Department of Public Welfare and is available at the Child Care Information Services office to eligible low-income families. The subsidized child care program is a Parent Choice System where parents choose a child care provider and that provider agrees to participate in the program.

Who is eligible?

  • Pennsylvania residents
  • Parents working at least 20 hours per week

Resource and referral services

The Resource and Referral Center offers a variety of services to all parents, including information on:

  • How to select quality child care
  • Pennsylvania Day Care Regulations
  • Listings of registered and licensed day care facilities in Bedford County
  • Keystone Stars
  • Pre-K Counts
  • Early Intervention and Head Start
  • Referral to other social service agencies

Types of child care

Day Care Centers: A state licensed facility providing care for seven or more children.

Group Day Care Home: A state licensed facility providing care for no more than 12 children.

Family Day Care Home: A state certified family residence with one caregiver providing care for four, five, or six children unrelated to the caregiver.

Relative Care: An individual who provides care to three or fewer children at any one time. 

If you have any complaints regarding the Child Care facility you have selected....

  • Discuss the problem with your Child Care Provider.
  • Review the State regulations. The State requires a copy of the regulations be posted at all day care facilities. A copy may be obtained from the Department of Public Welfare.
  • Contact the Central Region Day Care Office at: 1-800-222-2117
  • You can also obtain information on child care by accessing the state wide toll free HELPLINE at: 1-877-4 PA KIDS (1-877-472-5437)

Income guidelines apply so call Center for Community Action at (814) 623-9129 to determine eligibility.

Center for Community Action operates CCIS in Bedford and Somerset Counties.